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    I love the variety of food that Chow Mei Mei offers and they're all delicious. I've tried everything from sushi to pad thai to curry and I haven't found any entree I haven't liked. The service is excellent as well
    so definitely check it out if you're in the area!

    Rita H. Atlanta, GA

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    This is a good spot for some Americanized Asian comfort food on your lunch break. I was a little skeptical before going because they have sushi, Thai curries, Chinese stirfrys, and more on the menu,
    but my spicy basil dish hit the spot.

    Mary B, Atlanta, GA

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    The Curry Chicken Noodle bowl was delicious. It was a large bowl with thin noodles, large chicken slices, diced potato and carrot cubes, bell peppers and onion in a creamy yellow curry sauce. On the menu it said spicy, but it was mild to me. It was tasty. I enjoyed it.
    I will come back and try some of their other dishes.

    Zachary T, Atlanta, GA


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